what is it?

A decal (democratic education at cal) is a course that is crafted and facilitated by students from UC Berkeley for students at UC Berkeley (though we at hardboiled welcome any campus and community members who want to join us at our meetings and events!). Check out our listing on their website; yeah, we’re that legit.

If you sign up for our decal/field studies, you’ll get 1 Asian American Studies field studies unit, which adds up to 45 hours of field work, or basically, 45 hours of some really awesome fun hardboiled goodness. If you’re interested in hardboiled but don’t need the unit, you don’t need to be in the course to be on our staff; but why not get academic credit for the work your doing?

basic info

Course Title: hardboiled, apa journalism, Asian American Studies 97/197

Location and Time: Barrows 185, Wednesdays at 6:00 pm – 7:30pm (starting Feb. 6, 2012 for Spring 2013)

Course Facilitators: Alex Lee & Sam Lai

Deadline to add this course (without a fee) is by the end of the 3rd week of instruction!  So email us ( for course information and the CCN if you know for sure you want to take our DeCal!  If you’re not sure, come check us out, though we meet on the third week of instruction, so make sure you come! Adding the course after the 3rd week is also possible; just come talk to us if you have any questions.

course description

As a 97/197 field studies course, the purpose of hardboiled: apa journalism is to provide students with an introduction to Asian Pacific American (APA) print journalism through the actual hands-on experience of participating in the production and distribution of an APA newsmagazine.  In order to achieve the aforementioned objective, students will research and develop story ideas, compose layouts, and distribute issues to students, faculty, and community members.  Students will participate in weekly workshops that cover topics including APA history, health in the APA community, APAs in law and politics, and APAs in the media as well as current and pertinent issues on campus, and in the local, national, and international community (refer to the calendar attached for a tentative list of the workshops).  Students will receive an introduction to the local and campus Asian Pacific American communities by providing them with opportunities to meet community leaders, by attending and participating in community organizations and events, and by being a part of UC Berkeley’s Asian Pacific American Coalition, a coalition of APA organizations on campus.  hardboiled not only produces over 3,400 copies per semester of a professional newsmagazine covering relevant, timely, and insightful topics for the campus and greater community, but also provides staff with a community of like-minded students active in the APA community to learn about issues and engage in meaningful discussion.  At the conclusion of the course, students will have learned the ins and outs of print journalism, increased their political awareness of APA issues, and received experience working within the APA community.

For more information about the course, download our syllabus below or view an online version.

class schedule (subject to change):

Workshop Date Workshop Assignments Due*
1 2/1 Introduction to hardboiledLogistics<workshop>  Profile Sheet
2 2/8 <workshop>Brainstorm 15.3
2/11 hardboiled Retreat
3 2/15 <workshop>Writer Issues Discussion/Peer Review Story Rough (Tues)
4 2/22 <workshop>Writers Presentation Story Final  (Tues)Layout Rough (Tues)
5 2/29 Production Night Layout Final (Tues)
6 3/7 Wrap up 15.3Brainstorm 15.4 Time Sheet Check In
7 3/14 Evaluation of 15.3Brainstorm 15.4 continued
3/17 APIICON – mandatory attendance!
8 3/21 <workshop>Writer Issues Discussion/Peer Review Story Rough (Tues)
3/28 Spring Recess – No ClassStay bold and safe!
9 4/4 <workshop>Writers Presentation Story Final (Tues)Layout Rough (Tues)
10 4/11 <workshop>Writer/Layout Meet Up/Production Night Layout Final (Tues)
11 4/18 <workshop>
12 4/25 Evaluation of 15.4Closing Activity
5/2 RRR week – No Class, but there is…End of the Semester Banquet!  TBD Time SheetReflection

*Not all assignments are applicable to all students and not all assignments are listed.

handouts (downloads)