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Calligraphy in Motion

Did you go to FTD’s annual showcase, Calligraphy in Motion last night? If you didn’t, then you’ve missed a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch me embarrass myself; shame on you. After all, what could be more important than the campus’s biggest Asian Performing Arts Showcase? (Certainly not studying for finals!) If you did go, though – kudos to you. What did you think? Did you take lots of pictures? Did you notice that one girl at the bottom right corner of the decal’s Dai dance performance? She was good, huh (this is where I wink and nudge rigorously at you)? Okay, fine, scratch those last two questions. But at least you had fun, right?

I really don’t know what I expected the very first time I stepped into 110 Wheeler for the Beginning Chinese Dance decal. I was there because I’d been going on about finding a “fun cultural activity” for ages. I knew nothing about Chinese dance, or just dancing in general – I couldn’t even do the Time Warp Dance at Calso! I think I got a little intimidated, because after the first week I tried to drop the class. As fate would have it, I was an idiot and missed the drop deadline by a day. Fast forward to now, 3 months later – I couldn’t have been happier for my mistake!

As it turns out, most people in the decal knew nothing about dancing, either. Sure, you’ve got that small number of experienced dancers who make every move look so darn easy – but for the most part, Beginning Chinese Dance was just that – BEGINNING Chinese Dance. Everyone in the class was there to let loose and have fun (absolutely necessary in a high-stress environment like Cal!). By the end of the semester, I’d not only learned a Tibetan laundry dance and a Dai spring dance – I’d learned about the language, customs, and food of 7 Chinese ethnic groups as well. Not bad for 2 hours a week, right?

In any case, the FTD showcase last night was great. Featuring guest performances by Cal Kathak, Stanford Chinese Dance, Chinese Martial Arts, Theatre Rice, and more – there was something there for everybody. Our decal performance itself was not without its mishaps, but for the most part we were having too much fun to care. Enjoy my low quality blurry photos below – just know that they don’t even come close to doing justice to the amazing performances!

P.S. If you ever find yourself in search of a fun cultural activity or an extra 1-2 units… I wholeheartedly recommend taking FTD’s Beginning Chinese Dance Decal!

1992 LA Riots


On the 20th anniversary of the LA Riots, revisit the past by checking out some of these online features:

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Rihanna vs. Karrueche

I think it’s safe to say that NO ONE wants Rihanna and Chris Brown to get back together. In the wake of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s recent collaborations “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up the Volume”, Jay-Z has made it clear that he doesn’t want RiRi to hang around Breezy, while activists and journalists criticize her for sending the wrong message to young girls everywhere. Chris Brown himself currently has a girlfriend, and thus far has expressed no intention of leaving her; yet the rumors persist, fueled by – what else? – the ever-opinionated Internet.

It would appear that Rihanna is a horrible role model in more ways than one. Not long ago, the “Talk That Talk” singer tweeted, among other controversial pictures, an image of a bag of rice cakes decorated with hoop earrings and sunglasses – which many interpret to be a jab at Chris Brown’s half-Vietnamese girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

Rihanna's tweet

Karrueche Tran herself

I’d understand if you decide to put Rihanna on your blacklist now, but wait! There’s more! Karrueche isn’t entirely the victim in this situation, either. The self professed model uploaded this video of her buddies and herself a while ago:

It’s difficult to pinpoint in the video what EXACTLY they’re making fun of… but whereas one camp seems to be convinced that Karrueche is hatin’ on Rihanna’s Bajan accent and jumps immediately to Rihanna’s aid in defense against the “ricecake”, the other camp defends Karrueche, largely with the argument that, DUH, she wouldn’t be playing Rihanna in the background if she was hating on Rihanna.. it’s all good, because she’s ONLY making fun of Asian accents.



It's okay, she's ONLY making fun of Asians!

Whatever these celebrities’ true intentions were, they’ve incited waves of blindly devoted fans to racist hate talks on the Internet. I’m not even going to get started on the various references to “rice”, “karaoke”, and “karate” that can be found going through pages of Youtube comments (then again, does ANYONE take Youtube commentors seriously anymore?).

What do you think? Are these celebrities being racist? Or are they simply misunderstood, victims of an obsessed society that scrutinizes their every move..?