hb’s 15th birthday!

We are ending the semester with a bang! hb is on it’s 15th year and our we are celebrating with a launch party for our 15.4 issue. Join us! We have a lot in store for you! You don’t want to miss out!

REACH!/SASC communityLove Day!

Hello lovely community!

Valentine’s day! For some of us this means buying cute and fluffy teddy bears, watching corny chick flicks all snuggled up together, and eating at a nice restaurant with a name you can’t pronounce. For others, this means doing all this alone. Nothing wrong with that of course, but sometimes even misery loves company.

Well cry no more! REACH!/SASC communityLOVE Day is here! Even if it’s just for a day, you can feel loved, knowing that someone else in this cold world cares about you, or at least cares just enough to send you a pack of candy and a card.

REACH! and SASC are co-hosting this event on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2012, to spread the love in the community. We will be hosting a communityLOVEgram sale until Valentine’s Day, and on the actual day we will have an event at 8:30-10pm in 242 Dwinelle where you can come to receive your communityLOVEgrams. We will also be playing games to “get to know each other”. The juicy part of the night will come when we bring out the confession box!!! Everyone will get a chance to place an anonymous confession into the box, and we will all take turns picking and reading from the box. We hope to hear some dirty secrets and naughty confessions.

So come and spend your Valentine’s Day with us. Who knows, you may even find the peanut butter to your jelly, because that’s how we do it around here.
REACH!/SASC. Where love happens.

Until then though, you can help make someone’s day by sending this beautiful person one or two (or six) of these awesome packages. The recipient will be notified that they received a package and will have to come to the event to pick it up.

Out of the following items:

1. Candy
2. Card
3. Flower

Special package: $3
Choose 2 out of the 3 items
Deluxe package: $5
All three items

Once you fill out this google form there are two ways to pay.

You can order here on the SASC website to pay online.

Or you can contact one of us to pay in straight cash.
Pauline Nguyen (714)-623-0759
Tony Le (714)-483-8750
Nhan Vu (510)-861-7352
Lan Ngo (916)-320-6078

*All proceeds will go towards the SASC Summer Institute Program where we bring high school youth to Berkeley and engage them in workshops and activities to learn about Southeast Asian history. Donate to a good cause please! Thank you for your time!

Sending our love <3,
REACH! Asian Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center
SASC Southeast Asian Student Coalition

Ethnic costumes on Halloween….hmmm

I was looking at this post on angry asian man (http://blog.angryasianman.com/2011/10/were-costume-not-culture.html). I think I’ve always felt a bit offended when people dress up as other ethncities. In a way it’s them saying, “This is how people of ethnicity X looks lilke.” It’s just problematic when people dress up the way they think others are portrayed, especially when they make the costume look extra provocative because it’s Halloween. I understand that to them, it’s just a costume, just something to put on to fit in during the few days of partying in celebration of Halloween. It’s one thing to dress up as a character from a game or a story, but it’s completely different story when you’re dressing up as a Native American, or a Middle Eastern terrorist. I’m sure there are people who respond, “That’s totally not how we look like.” or “Not all of us dress like that.” I would like to think that after recent events on our campus, people would be more sensitive to other ethnicities. But I know that people also are naturally unaware and things like this don’t really cross their minds. So I just hope that we can make more progress on raising awareness about things that might potentially offend other ethnicities and move on from there.

What?? 15.1 is hot off the press!!!!

Our first issue of the semester, celebrating hb’s 15 birthday, is printed and is waiting for you on Sproul! Don’t worry if you can’t seem to set aside some time to stroll down Sproul to pick up a copy. You can read this issue in the comfort of your own home by checking out the pdf version on our website! Cool huh?!

Wrapping up 15.1! On to 15.2!

We are in the process of finalizing our first issue of the semester. Yay! We’re going to be brainstorming for our next issue this Wednesday, 75 Evans, 6:30pm. What do you want to see in 15.2? Come with your awesome ideas! Everyone is welcomed!