FAME Interview

by kassie pham

So… you’re Bobbi Vie?

Who or what exactly are you?
We’re a group of people that do what we love.

And what is it that you love doing?
All things dance and all things fashion, more specifically in the hip hop/street side of things.

What’s the purpose of F.A.M.E.? (Why was F.A.M.E. started? What does F.A.M.E. stand for?)
F.A.M.E. is an acronym that stands for: fashion, art, music, exhibition. The way we see things is that we’d rather have people from the community doing things for the community as opposed to people outside of it such as well….business folks.

Who or what is “the community”?
The people: you, us, them, we, him, her, etc.

Why is it important for the community to do events like F.A.M.E. instead of business folks?
It is important because we know what is missing and what is needed so whatever we produce will be more genuine and of course more welcomed.

How long is the planning and implementation process? How much time is devoted to F.A.M.E.?
Since the inception of the first F.A.M.E., March 2010, the planning process has extended from 3 months out to at least 6 months out. It might not sound realistic but we are planning around the clock always searching for new ideas and building with veterans in the scene.

What’s the poison of choice for those late nights working on F.A.M.E.? Coffee? Energy drinks? Water? Food? Food? More food? Bacon?
Ha, good question. We’ve tried all of the above and so far it seems that mixture of 5-Hour Energy and coffee work best. Next up is probably 5-Hour Energy and Vietnamese coffee.

Where did the the theme “My Favorite Things” come from?
It came from one of the women’s fashion magazines in a bookstore we happened to stop by.

I noticed that there were a lot of APIs (Asian/Pacific Islanders) attending F.A.M.E.. Was this expected?
Yes, because we’re the Bay Area and San Jose has one of the largest Vietnamese populations. Secondly, because we’re heavily involved in the street dance community as well.

Were APIs specifically in mind when creating the event?
No, because we knew the API community would come out to support.

What do you think the large API turn-out says about the API community in the Bay Area?
It seems that the API community likes to stick together and support one another.

When people leave, what should they be walking out with?
A smile and inspiration.

Where would you like to see the community and F.A.M.E. be 10 years from now?
In 10 years time, we would like to wake up to a community of people doing what they love. Hopefully by then, F.A.M.E. would be a destination for aspiring as well as seasoned creatives.

What can people expect for the next F.A.M.E.?
You can always expect us to reinvent ourselves somehow someway.