Our Bold Legacy

“Are you guys like named after an egg? So you’re saying you’re white on the outside, yellow on the inside?”

I get asked this question a lot when I table on Sproul for hardboiled. Here’s the definitive answer: No, we are not named after a hard-boiled egg. And no, we’re not trying to say we’re white on the outside and yellow on the inside.

We’re actually named after John Woo’s 1992 Hong Kong action flick, Hard Boiled. The film features Chow Yun-fat as an investigative cop trying to take down a gun-smuggling triad…amongst other things. By the end of the film, Chow’s character manages to not only dismantle the triad, but also save a nursery full of newborn babies. Talk about getting things done!

Hard Boiled operates on themes of brotherhood, conscience, redemption, and let’s not forget, tons of violence. And I got to tell you, there is definitely no shortage of gunfire and casualties in this movie.

Sound a little incongruous? What could an APA newsmagazine possibly have in common with a heroic bloodshed movie?

Well, much like how they do so in the film, if you don’t look beyond the surface of Hard Boiled, you miss the cold, hard truth. At the core of every case, every issue, every story, there is a lot more to it than is readily apparent.

So, while we don’t try to dive through the air with guns akimbo like the characters in the movie (don’t worry, we’re definitely not packing any heat), we’re not afraid to take risks and really tackle the issues, no matter how ugly they may turn out to be. We’re also not so hard as to not acknowledge that these issues affect real people and true lives. hardboiled isn’t afraid to call out the fucked up people, events, and institutions that hurt our communities.

This is our legacy. hardboiled doesn’t mean we’re eggs or cops. It means we’re bold.