VSA Culture Show

by steven cong

This year’s VSA Culture Show, “Echo,” was an impressive display of a multitude of issues centered around Hurricane Katrina. While the show explored the effects of displacement caused by the hurricane on both a micro and macro level, the show also addressed themes of religious activism, homosexuality, and the transnational relationships of the Vietnamese diaspora. In three hours, dynamic individual stories interspersed with cultural dances and songs were told in front of alternating backdrops of New Orleans and Vietnam in a way that reflects the hyphenated experiences of many Asian Americans. “Echo” was also inspired by historical events, for the strike
against the proposed landfill dump did happen several months after Hurricane Katrina. The magnitude of issues touched upon in the show through both individual and collective parameters was ambitious. The show’s success in accomplishing its objectives made it well worth the money. And the food was good, too.