AAA Multicultural Dance Showcase

by adrian lee

The 1st Annual Asian American Association Multicultural Dance Showcase on April 21 was an entertaining show to watch on a warm Thursday night. Despite being located off-campus at Julia Morgan Theater, the showcase was able to draw a decent-sized audience.

The lineup composed of students from different on-campus ethnic performance groups. Performances included a martial arts performance by Cal Wushu, ethnic performances like Fei Tian by Autumn and Korean drumming by EGO, swing dancing from [M]ovement, stepping by Kappa Alpha Psi, a cappella by the Golden Overtones, and hip hop dancing by Abba Modern, FAD, Velociraptors, [M]ovement, PCN Modern, and Sriracha. The MCs Kevin Song and Jacob Chang provided comical introductions for each performance.

The showcase was a success in exhibiting the hard work by many dance groups that practice tirelessly on lower-Sproul.

“Despite the differences across cultures,” AAA Social Chair Ping Quach said in the closing, “we are all united by one thing – dance.”