issue 14.2

Download the pdf or read it online (it’ll be up soon!):

  • 03 2012 The End of an Outreach Era by john domingo | layout by kim tran
  • 04 Removed from Home by jessica chin | layout by jasmine hui
  • Still Waiting for Little Saigon by chi tran | layout by jasmine hui
  • 05 Van Tran by yifan zhang | layout by jennifer ng
  • 06 Cash Cows from a Different Shore by denise wong | layout by julian fong
  • 07 Police Brutality by maitria moua | layout by jing xiong
  • 08 Fellowship by kristy kim | layout by margie choa
  • Reaching City Limits by cecilia tran | layout by andrew jackson
  • 09 Mind on Fire by calvin vu | layout by wilson chan
  • 10 Transcending Musical Borders by camille medina | layout by jasmine hui
  • 11 Just Be by austin houlgate | layout by eric soohoo
  • 12 Did That G6 Really Fly? by steven cong | layout by crystal sitt

editor’s note by tawny tsang

I like people. What particularly fascinated me about people are the thoughts that are generated. The creativity, passion, and insight involved in translating the jumbled up activity that goes on in our heads to something articulated is invaluable. It incites the power to share and a potential to change. That’s one of the main reasons why I’m in hardboiled. To be frank, I did not originally join hardboiled for the sake of learning about Asian American issue, but to be part of a community where people are not afraid to voice their opinions and views. But over time, these two components melded together. I enjoy being in an open environment where discussion is encouraged and radical views are heard. Our weekly decal meetings have created this unique space and our issues have articulated what we want to share. In the current financial state of our education, this voicing is needed more than ever. What goes unsaid goes undone. And so, we write OUT LOUD. And in perusing this issue, I hope you will too.

tawny tsang, tech editor