issue 13.4

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editor’s note by julie tse

Community. It’s what hardboiled stands for and it’s certainly been the theme of many campus events for the past month.

If you meet our members, you’ll come to find that they often spread themselves too thin. They’re active in possibly every single organization on campus because they want to make change not just on this campus, but in this country. This was definitely not what I expected when I first dropped into the DeCal meeting that Wednesday night two years ago.

At first I joined hardboiled for the journalism experience because I thought that writing feature articles would be my contribution to the world and that photography was my opportunity to become an artist. Now, I realize that I’m lucky if I can write a coherent sentence or take a picture that isn’t washed out. For a while, I seriously considered leaving and relieving hardboiled of my lack of talent. But while I do sometimes wonder what use I am to the group, I do not doubt what hardboiled has taught me.

This organization supports you in all your endeavors just like how your friends would make it a priority to make it to your first performance because they know it means the world to you to simply have them standing in the crowd cheering their lungs out, all for you. And that’s what this club is doing and has been doing the last thirteen years – for you. hardboiled was out there campaigning for our very own alumni, marching against UC privatization, and screaming for this month’s mass of culture shows.

hardboiled cares. We genuinely do. And it is the passion of my fellow staff and core that fuels my own motivation. I don’t say this because I should. I have no reason to, especially after having spent some pretty pathetic Friday nights this past year putting the issue together before it went to print. I say this because when I walk down Sproul, I think of that morning last year when Eunice chased me down to chat. I say this because when I walk by Chipotle, I think of Cecilia and Kat’s bottomless stomach. I say this because when I’m miserable in NYC this fall, I’ll have Monte convince me that professional school is awesome despite the fact that we’re freezing and in debt.

In every issue, hardboiled is angry, advocating and promoting dialogue. We do this through our writing and through our design, hoping that something will grab you, our readers, and inspire you to pass on the knowledge. We’re a community. It’s safe to expect us to be there for you, to believe in you, and to want to see you succeed. This is why I’ve stayed around for so long. And this is why you should fall in love with hardboiled just like I have.

But breaking up is inevitable and now it’s time for me to move on with my life. It’s not you hardboiled, it’s me. I have to graduate and move across the country, but I know that you will continue making your mark as always. I hope that I can find something just as great in the Big Apple.

Always here in spirit,
julie tse, layout editor