community rules for commenting

purpose:  In order to promote fair and meaningful discussion within our blog, please adhere to these community rules.  For all intents and purposes, hardboiled creates this online space for free expression, however, comments that hinder discussion will be moderated.

warnings:  If your comment is discovered to violate the rules, we will email you with the email address provided.  If no action is taken to edit / remove your comment within 24 hours, the admin will effectively delete your comment.  You will still have posting privileges, however, comments which do not follow our guidelines will still be removed.


  1. speak from personal experience/use “I”  It is important to note that before making sweeping generalizations about anything and everything, you should consider that these thoughts were derived from your own experiences and may not apply to everyone.
  2. focus on what is said, not on the person  Senseless personal attacks will not be tolerated.  In order to be constructive, focus attentions towards arguments and statements, rather than the person’s character.
  3. no spam!  Please don’t link out unless it’s relevant.  If you want us to advertise your site, contact us, please, and you can discuss link exchanges.  And also, please don’t Rick Roll us.  C’mon now.  We have a sense of humor, but there’s a limit.