Ethnic costumes on Halloween….hmmm

I was looking at this post on angry asian man ( I think I’ve always felt a bit offended when people dress up as other ethncities. In a way it’s them saying, “This is how people of ethnicity X looks lilke.” It’s just problematic when people dress up the way they think others are portrayed, especially when they make the costume look extra provocative because it’s Halloween. I understand that to them, it’s just a costume, just something to put on to fit in during the few days of partying in celebration of Halloween. It’s one thing to dress up as a character from a game or a story, but it’s completely different story when you’re dressing up as a Native American, or a Middle Eastern terrorist. I’m sure there are people who respond, “That’s totally not how we look like.” or “Not all of us dress like that.” I would like to think that after recent events on our campus, people would be more sensitive to other ethnicities. But I know that people also are naturally unaware and things like this don’t really cross their minds. So I just hope that we can make more progress on raising awareness about things that might potentially offend other ethnicities and move on from there.